Questionnaire Sheet used:

  1. To what extent has the government provided water in rural areas?
  2. what are the challenges faced in your community due to lack of safe water?
  3. How has the development of the community affected the environment?
  4. How can the community access safe water?


Mpakibi Ronald took as to the Chairman L.C.1 to gather more information about the village but unfortunately he was not around. He tried to tell us that the village is very poor, we practically used the only one road which is very bad that they use, they carry out agriculture on a substance farming where little is left for sale, men are so drunkard and they produce a lot children they cant take care of for example his Deputy Head teacher told us that he gets 30,000/= as salary a month, he has 8 children and the woman is already pregnant, lame and just a house wife. He looks waragi by the look of his eyes. The elderly are very poor with poor housing structures and they have land which is infertile and too big for them to cultivate.

He asked that if well wishers can provide fertilizers, quality seeds, get market for their produce, give them training workshops, talk to the stakeholders to work on their road and provide condoms to the men which can somehow reduce on their children production speed.

Water and Environment/Sanitation

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