The education program works to support the right to get education to all Ugandans and also to give opportunities to so many Ugandans. Most families in Uganda educate boys leaving out the girl child making her vulnerable to so many other factors such as early marriages, pregnancy at a young age. UNICEF 2012 and Isquo ; progress for children shows that 80% young women in sub Saharan Africa don’t complete secondary education and a third cannot read. Families in Uganda are not only faced with a problem of lacking basic needs such as school fees and materials to support their children to obtain education but also the schools or educational institutions also face difficulty in providing good learning environments for the children. Hope Worldwide International Uganda is a non-governmental organization working to improve on the learning environments for the students in schools, providing the materials the students need so that each child gets a better chance in life. Hope Worldwide International Uganda is focused on helping improve the educational opportunities for the girl child, orphans etc.

By donating to Hope Worldwide International Uganda, you are supporting child’s chance to better life. With one aim we call upon our dear core funders and donors, schools, universities, non-governmental organization and all other partners to join hands with us to support the education of Uganda.