Questionnaire Sheet Used:

  1. Do you know any organization that provide scholarships in your community?
  2. What are the education challenges that you face in a bid to educate the African child?
  3. How has your community supported children education?
  4. What problems are affecting the education system in Uganda?
  5. How can the concerned groups help in solving the problems that affect the education system in Uganda?

(Case Study 1. Kinaabi Umea Primary School)

The programme started by visiting a local primary school, government owned but with poor learning conditions though they tried to put up buildings. The school is called KINAABI UMEA P/S. located at a village called Nakimamba, Njeru Municipality in Buikwe District started in 1977 having 256 total number of pupils from Nursery to P.7 and with a UNEB Center number.

Download a detailed report here EDUCATION.pdf (102 downloads)



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  1. Thank and congratulation to the management of the organisation may God continue to open your hand for more support. Indeed you are doing great job that many organisation have no ideas of. My request is: think about where to put special needs children in your programme. One question is you are not in northern Uganda, why? Thanks. Tr Dickens.

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