90% of Ugandan’s population stays in rural areas but still these areas face a problem of water. In these areas, 90% of the population do not have access to safe water which has led to deprivation that threatens life, destroys opportunity and undermines human dignity. This has been linked to factors like limited catchment areas both natural, artificial where people share water with animals and changing climatic conditions that has had a reduction in the amount of rainfall received generally in the country which has affected rural areas mostly since they rely on rainfall for water.  People living in these areas are losing their lives.
Therefore Hope Worldwide International Uganda has identified the problem and attacked it in a technical angle of providing more catchment areas and educating the rural people on how to use and maintain them. This will include construction of Ferro-cement storage water tanks, bores, valley dams and so on and these techniques can be used to store water for a long period of time that can help even in dry seasons. We call upon all our dear core funders, partners and every one to contribute whatever little you have to make a difference in the community.