In Uganda 70% of the women are sexually violated within their marriages and this includes deception, beaten, verbal threats or Psychological intimidation to obtain sex, raped and forced penetrative sex, which is usually accompanied by physical or emotional violence, (Population Council, 2004).  Studies have shown that from 40 to 60 percent of known sexual assaults within the family are committed against girls aged 15 years and below (UNICEF, 2000).

Sexual violence is still prevalent in Uganda, and the highest rates are in Eastern Uganda with 53 percent (UDHS 2006) followed by northern Uganda 50% then western with 40%.  As expected, forced first sexual intercourse is much more common among women than men are. 24% women aged 15-49 years report that their first sexual intercourse was forced against their wills and mostly these are places affected by war.

Hope Worldwide International Uganda a non-governmental organization is focused on integrating basic referral services, community-based prevention programmmes that tackle aspects of sexual, gender-based violence, and legal services into community-based health programs, social services, and economic development programs. This will increase women and children’s access to social services, aids police and courts to enforce laws. In order to achieve and operate the programs we call upon all well-wishers, non-governmental organizations, universities, donors, schools, all governments to join hands with Hope Worldwide International Uganda and say no to sexual violence in women.