A lot of corruption in Uganda has led to poverty levels in the country to increase because of the poorly distributed incomes in the country and even many elders are not leaving offices for the upcoming youth to get jobs.  So 70% of the Ugandans don’t have stable jobs and they live below the poverty line, work on plantations, and do home use farming thus everything they grow is ate home but as they don’t sell anything it they never save for the future and they are affected a lot with poverty.

Hope Worldwide International Uganda it’s focused on fighting poverty in Uganda by providing agricultural loans, teaching farmers on how to practice commercial farming, and gives business capital to farmers like chicks, teaching them commercial farming on Hope Worldwide International demonstrational farm and also provides tailoring machines to the people thus providing many young people with something to fight poverty in Uganda. We call upon all our dear core funders and donors, partners and every one to contribute whatever little you have to make a difference in the community.