In Uganda, Public funds are misused by those entrusted with power and responsibility to use public resources for the good of every citizen. This is evidenced by Uganda’s score in the annual TI CPI studies as well other similar studies like, corruption Barometer, East African Bribery index, Afro Barometer, Africa Peer Review Mechanism reports  and many other publications including those published by the Inspectorate of Government a government a statutory body set up to fight corruption and any kind of maladministration.

Hope Worldwide International Uganda has taken up the responsibility of mobilizing, sensitizing and empowering citizens to demand for transparency, accountability, and value for money from their leaders through anti-corruption sensitisation workshops in various regions of the country in eastern, central, and northern.

We engage with judiciary and parliament to impress upon them their constitutional and moral duty to safeguard public resources, engage the media to expose the corrupt officials, building capacity in corruption investigation skills to be able to publish evidence based media reports capable of generating public debate and action against those implicated and hence produced in courts of law.

We call upon all our dear core funders and donors, non-governmental organization and all other partners to join hands with Hope Worldwide International Uganda to say no to corruption.