According to cancer reports in Uganda, there are 35,000 cases of cancer per year and 22,000 of these cases are new. It is also noted that 20,000 of the patients die and only 2000 survive. In the next five years, it is estimated that they will be 60,000 cancer cases. 85% of the cancer patients are from rural areas and have no access to specialized cancer care. Only 4% of cancer patients present for treatment meaning 96% die without care. The most common reported in Uganda are; cervical cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, cancer of the kidney, among others.

With cervical cancer our initial main focus due to the high prevalence, Hope World Wide International Uganda is in the process of organising an awareness campaign by being a part of the team that will organise a cancer run in the year 2017. We are in the process of securing finances to support cancer patients in accessing treatment by purchasing a new cancer machine and providing treatment services at subsidised costs at specialised centres.

For Hope worldwide International Uganda to effectively manage this, we have to partner with other development agencies to enable us cover many parts of the country. Therefore we call upon our dear core funders and donors, non-governmental organizations and all other partners to join hands with Hope Worldwide International Uganda to help and fight cancer in Uganda.