The Roadmap for   of Maternal and Neonatal Mortality and Morbidity in Uganda alone is estimated to cost about US$ 81 million over a four-year period, and the estimated cost of reproductive health commodities is US$ 292 million, or about UGX 157 billion, per year over a five-year period. When we consider that the entire health sector budget for the Government of Uganda, excluding development partners, for the 2008/2009 financial year was UGX 313 billion, out of which UGX 123 billion was for wages, and UGX 190 billion was for non-wages, only two interventions would take up 50% of the entire health budget and over 80% of the recurrent budget. This excludes about UGX 1.3 billion in annual training costs for midwives alone, and additional wages of expanded medical staff with adequate midwifery and new born care skills.

With the increasing number of women in need of services every year due to population growth, the Government acknowledges that the number of midwives trained need to increase at the same pace, however, the government on its on is unable to effect this due to the gross financial mismanagement and corruption.

Hope Worldwide International Uganda is coming in on this, we have an organised strategy of providing a comprehensive and free training for various medical practitioners on Maternal and new-born care right across the country and particularly in the hard to reach rural areas where maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity is highest.

For Hope worldwide International Uganda to effectively manage this, we have to partner with other development agencies to enable us cover many parts of the country. Therefore we call upon our dear core funders and donors, non-governmental organizations and all other partners to join hands with Hope Worldwide International Uganda to empower district staff on maternal and new born care service in Uganda.