Hope Worldwide International Uganda helps communities in need to build homes and bring hope to the elderly persons in Uganda.  It is estimated by 2020, Uganda will have a housing deficit of over 1 million. The most vulnerable categories of those affected will be among the older persons, they face a lot of challenges accessing the basics of life such as food, shelter, clothing, water and medical care.

As Hope Worldwide International Uganda, we plan to continue partnering with all well-wishers and other development agencies to construct housing units for the elderly people. Most elderly persons are taken care of by their grandchildren. As people grow older (60 years and above), they spend between 60 to 90% of their time at home; therefore, they cannot work and they need a warm and secure environment. We call upon all our dear core funders and donors, non-governmental organization and all other partners to join hands with Hope Worldwide International Uganda to construct houses for elderly people in Uganda.