Uganda’s children live in helpless conditions where most are orphans, homeless and they end up living on the streets of different towns. All these conditions force them to become child labourers to earn a living in different parts of the country. The children are sexually abused, oppressed in homes, schools, communities by their bosses. Hope worldwide international Uganda focuses on ensuring better education programs for children to enable them live in schools and providing children with disabilities a chance to live like any other kids in the world by teaching them that they are equal to everyone in life. Through our programs the children get to be loved in some of the children homes and schools we partner with helping the children to build on their careers both emotionally through counselling and guidance and physically through games and sports.

By donating to Hope Worldwide International Uganda, you are supporting child’s protection to better life. With one aim we call upon our dear core funders and donors, schools, universities, non-governmental organization and all other partners to join hands with us to support child protection.