Teenage pregnancy is one of the significant factors contributing to the high maternal and infant mortality rates in Uganda hence an obstacle to realization of MDG (Millennium Development Goals) 4 and 5. The prevalence and factors predicting teenage pregnancy are not clearly documented in Uganda.

Furthermore, Uganda being with one of the highest general maternity mortality rates particularly due to poor access to antenatal care services countrywide, Hope Worldwide International Uganda has embarked on a research study to find effective ways on how to actively engage the community on tackling the problem.

This was after a successful identification of the root causes of the problems.

We call upon all our dear core funders and donors, schools, non-governmental organization, well wishers and all other partners to join hands with Hope Worldwide International Uganda to help antenatal care to teenagers in Uganda. By donating to hope worldwide international Uganda you will be among those changing the lives of the some many teenagers in Uganda.